Vacation Bible School

What an amazing week of VBS!  We had approximately 170 children attend VBS this week and they truly enjoyed the teaching, music, sports, snacks, and skits. In addition to learning their Bible lessons, some of the kids also picked up some new beach vocabulary (“it’s narley dude”) from the awesome skits that our teens performed.

 God’s faithfulness always overwhelms me. God showed me 1 Corinthians 12 in action in the weeks leading up to and during the entire week of VBS. Jackie Auxt served as the co-leader and was invaluable in areas where I was weak. In fact, the entire Auxt family has been such a blessing with their servant’s heart—willing to do anything at any time. Kim Coakley was the mastermind behind the decorations, which everybody raved about. Unfortunately, some of us who helped her could not walk for a few days because we used muscles we never knew we had!  VBS would not have been complete without our fantastic music team, led by Catherine Young. In total, we had about 70 church members from all ages come together to form the body of Christ through their teaching, singing, sports, crafts, decorations, missions, and snacks. Many went over and above their responsibilities and helped in many other areas like clean up, decorations, and even getting food for those who were working until the last few minutes before the kick-off. I thank each and every one of them for their dedication and hard work. VBS would not have been successful without their help.

 Not only did God bring us together as one body, He also blessed our efforts in amazing ways. First, we “somehow” won our entire VBS package from Gospel Light. Then, as the days and weeks passed, we started receiving donations of paper that had been used on bulletin boards, big rolls of blue paper, paints, and other items to make kites, the beach scenery, and various other decorations. In addition,St. John’sLutheranChurch“somehow” found out we were doing the same VBS theme as they had and gave us their VBS decorations. This enabled all the classrooms to have great decorations as well. We in turn donated all of our decorations to Winfield Bible Church for their upcoming VBS.

 Finally, God taught me a valuable lesson through this year’s VBS. I found myself becoming overwhelmed, unthankful, and self-centered while preparing for VBS. I started thinking about all the things I needed to get done in my own life and worrying about how I was going to get it all done. Of course, “I” was the main problem. God showed me that I was letting Satan steal my joy, and He gently reminded me that VBS was an answer to my prayer of wanting to be useful for Him. This is something I get to do for my Savior, and it is a privilege that He is even allowing me to do this for Him. I learned that everything else He wants me to get done, He will help me do. Life is so much easier and better when we completely trust Him to do everything for us and through us.