The Local Church: The World’s Best Kept Secret for Direction in Life

In many circles today when the local church is discussed, the thoughts that surface are often negative. “All they do is ask for money.” “All they do is preach and tell us what we cannot do.” “There are so many problems over there, who would even want to belong to it?” The accusations flow on and on. As a result, the church has an image problem within the community. Therefore the community does not see any value in having a connection to a church. In the past when someone died, the preacher was called upon, even if the person did not attend that church. The obituary would read that the deceased was a member of such and such church. Weddings were almost always a church event. Oh, how the times have changed. And with the changing times is the continued drift away from the treasure of wisdom that lies in the church and the pastor that God has called to shepherd His flock.

Throughout history, religious leaders have had great impacts on the political, moral, and social climate of society. Even in our present day, the presidents of the US have sought counsel from pastors. Unfortunately our present President has chosen not to attend a church, but I will save this discussion for another day. Why is there such a departure from the wise counsel of pastors/elders today?

Pastors are some of the most underutilized sources of wisdom on the earth. Let me explain why I believe pastors are such a great source of wisdom. How many people on the face of this earth are true followers of Jesus Christ? Let’s be generous and say a hefty 10%. To these people God has given gifted men as a gift to help do whatever God has called them to do (Eph. 4). If the church is the salt of the earth, and we are to make a difference in this world for Christ, it would equate that pastors are the most important leaders in this movement of God. God desires for pastors to basically shepherd the believers to enable them to do the work of the ministry, which includes reaching the entire world for Christ. This means that pastors are the most important leaders in the world. We have been appointed the task of leading the church which, in turn, has been given the task to change the world. No other group has been assigned this calling. Pastors, in the eyes of God, are the key people on this earth for God’s program. With this being the case, God is also going to equip them, and He certainly has. This is not to imply that these men are infallible, because they are not. But they are an amazing resource from the direction of God, from which too few truly draw.

Too many of the followers of Jesus are seeking their own agenda. God’s call is for believers in Jesus to be part of a local church, be equipped by the leadership of that church, and go out and change the world for Christ. The reason much of this is not happening is there is an independent spirit that surrounds many who claim to be His followers.

Let me ask you, when you are in need of wisdom, how often do you consult your pastors or elders? Don’t let the independent spirit of this age make you a lone ranger Christian. Pastors and elders have been given to you, and you should seek wisdom from them regularly.