This last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Trinity Bible Church in Fredericksburg, VA. Several men from Mount Airy Bible Church have been filling the pulpit while Trinity searched for a pastor. Thanks be to God, Trinity has now installed a new senior pastor. It was a tremendous day of worship, thanksgiving, and fellowship. After two years of searching, God has supplied His man.

It speaks highly of a church that would stay together, as long as they have, without a full-time pastor. I believe most American Christians in the same circumstances would leave. The reason? There is a serious lack of understanding as to what the church is about. It’s not just that the church is supposed to be there for me; I’m also supposed to be there for the church. The flock should stay together even when there is not a full-time shepherd. Fortunately, the elders of Trinity have continued to lead as they should, waiting on God to provide His leadership.

As I reflected on Trinity, I couldn’t help but thank God for something else. In over 25 years, Mount Airy Bible Church has not searched for a senior pastor. How many churches in America can say that? And if that’s not enough, Pastor Wally Webster has served faithfully. He’s been faithful to his wife, he’s been faithful to MABC, and he’s been faithful to the Lord. As the church has grown, he has not stepped back from the more mundane tasks of ministry. Instead, he’s stayed focused and done everything he’s asked others to do. He counsels people, he does weddings, he does funerals, he teaches, and he preaches with the same zeal he had when he came to MABC. The love of Christ in him has not diminished; I know, because I’ve watched him the whole time. When people have attacked Pastor Wally, he’s only become more committed to the work and more passionate about building the Kingdom of Christ.

MABC has much for which to be thankful. Take a moment and thank the Shepherd for our shepherd He brought 25 years ago. And maybe it’s also time to thank Pastor Wally for his faithful service to you.