Will You Graduate With Honors?

It is graduation season all over the country.  Boys and girls from various backgrounds will walk onto a platform and receive their diploma.  For some, it will be an amazing accomplishment.  Battling all kinds of obstacles, some will receive their degree with a deep sense of pride, while others found earning their degree to be a rather smooth process.  But is this also not similar to our Christian walk?

Some walk the journey from the beginning of their faith in the most troublesome way.  There does not seem to be any clear explanation for it, but believers of all backgrounds face various trials along the journey to receive the final diploma. Yet there are others who face few problems. Maybe the better question is “Why do the righteous suffer?”  It would be so much easier if the righteous received the good, and the unrighteous received the bad.

But we all know that if that were the case, many would attempt to live righteously for all the wrong reasons.  We don’t live a righteous life to get an easier life or to gain a more beautiful entry into the diploma-receiving stage of life.  We live righteously because that is what most honors our Savior.

And that goes right back to the issue of the diploma here on the earth.  Each graduate ought to have done their best—not to just receive a diploma, but to receive the degree with a sense of accomplishment.  Each graduate ought to know they have worked hard, faced all the obstacles, run the race hard, and finished well.  That diploma ought to be the confirming proof that a life was well-spent for that degree.

So, why not run the race of life the same way?  One day we will all walk across the stage of Heaven and receive our final diploma for our life here on this earth.  I wonder what that degree will mean to us.  Will we have run the race well?  May we, with the Apostle Paul, proclaim loudly:  we have fought a good fight, we have finished the course, we have kept the faith.  By God’s grace and mercy, may we all walk across the celestial stage, receive our diploma, and then lay that work at the feet of our Master Teacher, who without His help, we would never have been able to begin the course work. If you are a follower of Jesus, you are on the diploma path.  The question remains, will you graduate with honors?  Since we are on this journey for Him, may we all endeavor to graduate with honors—His honor and His glory.  He is worthy of our finishing well.