Removing Warts

No one wants warts. They usually appear on the hands and are caused by viruses. I have found that a spinning a piece of wood on a lathe can remove them, though. There are products available that can help remove them.

There are other kinds of warts. They, too, are caused by a virus, but it is a spiritual virus. They are called “worry warts.” Instead of getting worry warts, we actually become one. I suppose you think that I am going to tell you that the cause for our worries is problems. I am not going to suggest that. In fact, often the waters of our life can be very tranquil, and we can still worry and fret. There is something more fundamental to the cause of our worries. One major source is pride—a pride that expresses itself in self-sufficiency.

Peter addressed this problem.  “Allow yourself therefore,  to be humbled under the strong hand of God, that He might lift you up in time, by casting all your worry upon Him, because it is a concern to Him with regard to you”  (1 Peter 5:6, 7).

Often I think I must solve all of my problems and make the Sea of Galilee as calm as glass. When the winds howl and my boat fills with water, I must be the architect of my solutions. There should be no storms. Or should there? I cannot make the conditions for my peace be the conditions I have in my life. I lock the doors at night. I put on my seat belt. I exercise and eat right. But, that’s all I can do. I do not look for storms on the sea, but I should not be surprised when they come—and they will come. If I think God has given me the assignment to solve all the problems I have in my life, then the architect of peace I will become. In the end, I will be self-sufficient and proud. I am the problem solver. I am the captain at the helm.  Everything depends on me. But when I can’t maintain calm, into my life floods the foaming waters of a stormy sea.

What then does God want of me? He wants me to be humbled under His strong hand. He will then in His timing lift me up (see the word image here?). Now I have a question. “Dear Lord, you tell me I am to allow myself to be humbled (lit. to make low) under your strong hand. Yet, how am I to do this?” Fortunately we are told. We are to humble ourselves under God’s strong hand by casting all our worry upon Him. It comes down to this. I am to live wisely and do what I can do in terms of the circumstances in life. I am to take care of myself and my family. I am to manage my money with Biblical priorities. Yet, after all that I do, I have to accept the storms in my life and humble myself under His strong provision. I do this by casting all my worries upon Him. I trust in His outcome, whatever that might be.  As far as God is concerned, I as His child am a His concern. When the problems hit me and you, we must throw those concerns on God.

Our pride demands an answer from the Almighty when we are afflicted. When we get the bad medical news in the doctor’s office, or the financial reversal, or anything that shakes us up, we must humble ourselves (or be humbled by the circumstances) and cast those worries upon Him. We know He cares for us. In a word it is recognizing and accepting the sovereignty of God in our lives to do as He sees fit. We must trust Him in what He is doing.  This is God’s way of removing those “worry warts.”