A Place of Grace

Last week I had the opportunity to share a devotional at the annual MABC picnic. I shared from Matthew 9:10-13, a passage where Jesus dines with tax collectors and challenges the Pharisees. I really enjoy this passage because it should be a gut check to all of us on how to view and interact with the unsaved. In this passage we see Jesus sitting, eating, and having conversations with tax collectors and sinners.

Most of you work secular environments and have amazing opportunities to live out your faith. For me, I have to seek out tax collectors and sinners. I appreciate this challenge. I am in the process of building some great relationships in the community of Mount Airy. God has given us a very large task of pursuing the world for the cause of Christ. Satan, the world, and our culture are working very hard to entrap, blind, and numb people every day. We have to work harder to love people where they are and tell them about Jesus and His overwhelming love for people.  As I think about the youth ministry at MABC, our goal is to create a safe environment where teens are accepted but they are challenged to change. I think this should be the goal of the global church as a whole. When my wife and I were researching Mount Airy Bible Church’s as a place to serve, we were drawn in by the tagline—a place of grace. This was music to our ears. MABC is the kind of church we wanted to partner with in ministry. My challenge to you is to continue to flesh out that tagline. I am reminded again in Matthew 9:13 where Jesus says “…I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners…” What does a place of grace look like?

A few weeks ago Chick-fil-A was the center of the media’s eye for standing up for traditional marriage. I think this hits home here at MABC for two reasons. First, traditional marriage is one of the mandates in Scripture. Secondly, Bree Rettig, one of our members, is the franchise owner of the Chick-fil-A in Frederick. Same-sex organizations protested and picketed Chick-fil-A restaurants all over the country. Below is a picture of what I believe “a place of grace” looks like.

In the picture we see a manager of Chick-fil-A offering lemonade to a man who is picketing. We may not agree with the lifestyles of  some, but we are called to love them. Thank you, MABC, for offering lemonade and being a place of grace.