They Grow Up Too Quickly

During the past year I have had the privilege of writing another book. This time my theme is parenting. I can clearly say that I have enjoyed each and every stage of the parenting process. The early years were so amazing with fun childish surprises and wrestling on the living room floor. As the children grown older, we were able to enjoy a variety of sports starting as early as elementary school. We watched from side lines as they kicked balls across fields or dribbled down courts. Oh to have those years back, but they are gone and all we have are the memories.

Now we are in a parenting stage that we do not enjoy; the kids have all grown up. Now this does not mean we are no longer parents, but the role has certainly changed as they have gone on to college and careers. Oh to have them back under our roof, but time marches on.

This blog is not about our family, but about a principle that we have learned through the parenting process; they grow up too quickly. Some of you may be just beginning the parenting journey. Diapers, ear infections, crying, and a host of other early morning surprises can raise your stress level to a feverish pitch. How often have parents said they wish those years were over?  Now I don’t want to minimize the struggles of those early years, but let me be very clear, they grow up too quickly.

You bring them home from the hospital with so many goals and dreams, and before you know it, they are on their own. Why?  They grow up too quickly.

Scripture reminds us that we are to redeem the time. This means that we are to make the most of every opportunity. I can assure you I did not do this in my parenting, so I want to encourage you to not make my mistakes. Let me offer a few suggestions as you watch your children growing up too quickly:

  1. Pray for them daily.
  2. Be very involved in their lives—all of it. They won’t remember the hours you worked or played without them, but they will remember the hours you spent with them.
  3. Hug and kiss them and tell them you love them daily.
  4. Video tape as much as you can. One day you will be sitting all alone with only a video to bring back the memories. It is worth the time.
  5. Get their heart before they break yours. Children have a way of getting to our hearts, both good and bad. Get their hearts early for God and watch them grow up to be a great blessing.

You will still miss them, but you will miss them with a smile on your heart because you know they love you and love the Lord. I hope you will “heart” parenting as much as we have. And keep in mind, they grow up too quickly.