Spring Adult Christian Education Classes

Adult Christian Education (ACE): Spring Classes
Classes begin Sunday, March 1. Sign up today.

Doctrine for Dummies—Peter Helt
The complete idiot’s guide to what MABC believes and why we believe it. Have you ever wondered why we are pre-tribulational, pre-millennial dispensationalists? Inquiring minds need to know, and so do you!
Favorite Bible Verses—Patrick Shurney
Each week we will take an in-depth look at a familiar Bible verse with a focus on application and impact.
​Learning to Love One Another in 1 John—Pastor Keith Surland​
Loving one another in the body of Christ is something that must be learned, understood, and then applied. We will discuss this in our class together as we seek to be more like Christ​.
Young Marrieds—John Sadowski
Join as we continue our study of The Five Love Languages through March and then as we begin a brand-new series, “The Bible Passport.”
Consumed (Ages 18-29)—Ben Colvard


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