Spring Adult Christian Education Classes

2016 Spring ACE Classes

Spring courses begin Sunday, March 6, 10 AM, and last for 3 months (March–May).

This quarter’s classes include:

Answering Atheists, Skeptics, and Liberal Christians » Steve Schrader
Find positive evidence for the Biblical Worldview and learn how to give reasonable answers to the most common objections raised by atheists, skeptics, cultists, and liberal Christians. The class material will be geared to issues you are personally addressing right now with relatives, friends, or coworkers. Email Steve (Steve@patton.com) with your questions/topics.

Consumed (Ages 18–29) » Ben Colvard
This quarter will focus on love and doctrine. It is impossible to have a good one without the other.

How We Love » Pastor Keith Surland, Pastor Mark Bouslog
This class is open to all couples.
As a couple, you will need to purchase your own textbook and workbook and have them with you for the first week of class. More information is available here: mabcmd.org/HowWeLove

Survey of the Old Testament » Pastor Wally Webster, Vance Hunt
Gain appreciation for the entire Old Testament by looking at the richness of God’s character and His relationship with mankind

Young Marrieds » John Sadowski
Join us as we study Greg and Erin Smalley’s book, Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage, and learn twelve biblically-based secrets to work around roadblocks in a marriage and create communication patterns which lead to emotionally safe places.