Connect, Grow, and Serve at MABC

Discovering 4.2016

Discovering MABC Class » Saturday, April 16, 8 AM

If you want to become a member of Mount Airy Bible Church, or simply just want to know more about what we believe and do, attend this informative class, Saturday, April 16, 8 AM–12 PM. A continental breakfast will be served. Contact the church office to register at Signups continue through Sunday, April 10.

Membership Meeting » Sunday, April 17, 10 AM

All who have attended the Discovering MABC class and desire to become members at MABC should attend a Membership Meeting during the Sunday School hour. All attendees are strongly encouraged to submit a signed membership covenant upon completion of the meeting.

Baptism Meeting » Sunday, May 1, 10 AM

If you want to be baptized—or just want to learn more about what baptism is and means—attend the baptism meeting, Sunday, May 1, 10 AM in the education wing lobby. The baptism service is scheduled for Sunday, May 22, 10 AM in the worship center.

Elder Approval

At the next elder board meeting, the names of all potential members are presented for approval by the elders. Potential members do not attend this meeting. You are not notified upon approval; only non-approved applicants are contacted.

Baptism Service » Sunday, May 22, 10 AM

Believers who have attended a baptism meeting are baptized. Adult Christian Education (Sunday school) classes are cancelled so that everyone may attend.

New Members Services » Sunday, TBD, 8:30 or 11 AM

All those who have met the requirements for membership are introduced to the congregation and welcomed into the flock as members. New members should plan to attend either the 8:30 or 11 AM service.