Winter Quarter A.C.E. » 12.04.16


Adult Christian Education (A.C.E.)

Winter courses begin Sunday, December 4, 10 am, and last for 3 months (December–February). Contact the office to register for a class by Wednesday, November 30.

Consumed »
This class is designed those ages 18–29. If you are in this age group, we want you to join us each week!

Parables & Miracles of Christ {continued} »
Each week will offer an in-depth look at the teachings and miracles of our Savior.

Stronger With Time »
This marriage-themed class is for those above age 40 and will focus on the spiritual, financial, and physical nature of marriage. Some time will be spent on parenting and in-law relationships.

This I Believe {continued} »
This class will explore and discuss fundamental but important topics like: I am not God, What is the church?, I am in Christ, and your earthly tent. We will investigate what Scripture says and then ask: “If this is what I believe, then how should it affect how I live?”

Young Marrieds »
Join us as we study roadblocks in a marriage and create communication patterns which lead to emotionally safe places and spiritual growth.