Apologetics Conferences

February 2019

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist – Part 1 – Dr. Frank Turek  |  Video

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist – Part 2 – Dr. Frank Turek  |  Video

Q&A Session – Dr. Frank Turek  |  Video

Stealing from God – Dr. Frank Turek  |  Video

October 2017

Developing a Christian Mind in a Non-Christian World – Dr. Robert Bowman

The Gospel is for Skeptics Too – Dr. Robert Bowman

Q&A Session 1

The Religion of the Force – Dr. Richard Howe

The Transmission of the Ancient Text and its Translation to English Today – Pastor Keith Surland

How Theology Needs Philosophy – Dr. Richard Howe

Q&A Session 2

The Relevance of the Word of God to Today – Pastor Keith Surland

Answering the Arguments of Popular Atheism – Dr. Richard Howe

October 2016

What is the Difference? Religions, Cults and Denominations – Steve Schrader

Understanding Jihad – David Wood

Famous Last Words: The Word-Faith Error – James Walker

What the Qur’an Says About the Bible – David Wood

Counterfeit Christianity – James Walker

Q&A – David Wood, James Walker

Answering Common Muslim Arguments for Islam – David Wood

Speaking the Truth in Love to Our Latter-day Saint Friends – James Walker

October 2015

Paul Copan – Did God Sanction Slavery in the Old Testament

David Wood – What Every Christian Needs to Know about Islam

J. Warner Wallace – Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace – God’s Crime Scene

Paul Copan – The Historical Difference the Christian Faith Has Made

David Wood – The Problem of Evil and the Skeptics Dilemma

Q&A Session with Copan, Wallace, Wood

J. Warner Wallace – Alive: The Cold Case for the Resurrection

Additional Resources – Cold Case Christianity Website

October 2014

Ted W. Wright – Digging for Truth: How Archaeology Helps Defent the Bible against Critics

Dr. Frank Turek – Was Jesus Intolerant

Dr. Timothy McGrew – Internal Evidences for the Reliability of the Gospels

Dr. Timothy McGrew – External Evidences for the Reliability of the Gospels

Ted W. Wright – Did The Israelite Conquest Really Happen? A Brief Overview of the Archaeology of Jericho & Ai

Marvin Patrick – Three Gods or One? Defending the Trinity

Jack Keebler – The Apolo-moment: Make a Case for Your Faith in 60 Seconds

November 2013

“Why I Became a Christian”: Understanding Truth (Brett Kunkle)

“Cold Case Christianity”: Understanding the Facts of Christianity (Jim Wallace)

“Truth & Compassion”: What you need to know about homosexuality (Alan Shlemon)

“The Case For Life”: Does being pro-life even matter? (Jay Watts)

“How To Become an Apolojedi”: Using Practical Apologetics (Nathan Hansen)

December 2012

A Shot in the Mind: The Reliability of Scripture (Craig Shaffer)

October 2012

Larry Moody – Reaching Professional and Doubters

Steve Schrader – True For You But Not For Me

Marvin Patrick – The God Question

Chad Gross – In Defense of Apologetics: Why Apologetics is Biblical and Necessary

Bob Perry – Defending the Pro-Life View

Craig Shaffer – Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Chad Gross – Jesus the Intellectual

Greg Ganssle – Thinking About God

Jack Keebler – Your Apolo Moment: Making a Clear Case for Your Faith in 60 Seconds or Less

Jay Auxt – Global Warming: A Witnessing Tool

Jay Auxt – Sideling Hill: A Witnessing Tool

Joshua Moody – How to Transition from Small Talk to Spiritual Things

Pastor Marvin Patrick – Murders, Wars, and Catastrophes: Is God Really Good?

Robert Welty – How Can a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?

March 2012

Pastor Marvin Patrick – What the New Atheists are Saying and How We Should Respond (Audio)

Pastor Marvin Patrick – What the New Atheists are Saying and How We Should Respond (Presentation)

February 2012

Jay Auxt – Molecular Biology: A Fascinating Witnessing Tool (Audio)

Jay Auxt – Molecular Biology: A Fascinating Witnessing Tool (Presentation)

Octobe, 2011

Apologetics videos on Vimeo


Brett Kunkle, “Why Atheism?”



Craig Hazen, “Apologetics and Evangelism in a Skeptical Age”




Brett Kunkle, “Is the Bible Intolerant?”



John Mark Reynolds, “Finding Christ in Culture”


Marvin Patrick, “Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses”


Steve Schrader, “Answering Mormonism”


Nabeel Qureshi, “Answering Islam”


Greg Gannsle, “Why Christianity Makes Sense”



Gary Habermas, “Evidence for the Resurrection”


May, 2011

Norman Geisler

Pluralism: Is Jesus the Only Way to God? (audio)

Norman Geisler

From Evangelical to Agnostic:The Errors of Bart Ehrman (audio)

Ron Rhodes

Responding to Brian McLaren and the ‘New Kind of Christian’ (audio)

Ron Rhodes

10 Keys to Answering Cultists at Your Door (audio)

Ergun Caner

The Secret of Islam (audio)

Ergun Caner

Why I Am Not A Muslim (audio)

Ed Hindson

5 Reasons Why I Believe We Are In The End Times (audio)

Ed Hindson

The Case for the Reliability of the Old Testament (audio)

Joseph Holden

Archaeology and the Bible: What Stones Tell Us About the Reliability of Scripture (audio)