Membership & Baptism » Fall 2018

Discover MABC class
Saturday, October 6, 8 AM

If you want to become a member of Mount Airy Bible Church, or simply just want to know more about what we believe and do, attend this informative class, Saturday, October 6, 8 AM–12 PM. Contact the church office to register ( Signups continue through Sunday, September 29.

Membership & Baptism Meeting
Sunday, October 7, 10 AM

All who have attended the Discover MABC class and desire to become members at MABC should attend a Membership Meeting during the Sunday School hour. This same meeting is also for anyone who wants to be baptized.

Baptism Service
Sunday, October 21, 10 AM

Believers who have attended the baptism meeting are baptized. All Adult Christian Education and Sunday School classes are cancelled so that everyone may attend.

New Members Services
Sunday, October 28, 8:30 or 11 AM

All those who have met the requirements for membership are introduced to the congregation and welcomed into the flock as members. New members should plan to attend either the 8:30 or 11 AM service. Introductions happen at the end of the services.

Women’s Retreat » 9.28.18

“Empty Vessels”

Being empty is always seen as such a negative concept. We fight against the hollowness of empty, and we strive to fill the holes in our lives. But what if empty is not bad at all? What if a feeling of “emptiness” is exactly what God wants in us so that He can step in and do the miraculous?

Reba Bowman will teach using the story of Elijah and the widow as a backdrop to demonstrate how God calls empty people to great faith. Reba’s teaching will help us understand how God uses the Holy Spirit to empower our lives.

Friday, Sept. 28
4:30 – 6:00p – Registration/Check In
6:15 – 7:30p – Dinner
7:30 – 9:00p – Retreat Kick-off, Session One
9:00p – Free/Fun time

Saturday, Sept. 29
7:45 – 8:30a – Breakfast
8:30 – 12:30p – Session Two, Worship, Testimony, Cleansing Hour
12:30 – 1:15p – Lunch
1:20 – 3:15p – Session Three, Worship, Breakout Session
3:15p – Retreat Wrap-Up


Registration is now closed.

Questions? Please contact the church office.


Women’s Ministry • Fall Bible Study

Understand The Bible As One Complete Story

A 7-Week Study for Women beginning Wednesday, September 12, 2018, @ 7 pm

In 7 sessions, Seamless covers the people, places, and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. Whether you’ve grown up hearing Bible stories or you’re exploring Scripture for the first time, the full story of the Bible can be overwhelming.

Experience the Bible as a whole as you gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture. Discover a biblical context that reshapes and brings to life stories from the Old and New Testaments.

Each week is accompanied by maps, general Bible facts, and word studies.

A short 12-15 minute video will lead us into our small group discussions and prayer time. This study includes five days of homework per week to help each woman get the best possible understanding she can.

Every participant is responsible for purchasing their own Member Book, which can be found online at Amazon, Lifeway, and elsewhere.

Register Now!

Treasure Cove [age 3–grade 5]

Treasure Cove

Families are always welcome at Mount Airy Bible Church! We have a special program called Treasure Cove for our children, age 3 through grade 5. To find out more, please contact our office or see an usher or greeter for directions when you arrive.

When We Meet » Sundays, 8:30 & 11 AM

What We Do » We seek to provide children with an environment where they can learn about God through songs, skits, Bible lessons, and much more. All children must be potty trained, please.

Get Involved » We are in need of volunteers to help teach in this ministry, serving for one service, one Sunday per month. To learn more or to volunteer, contact the church office about serving in Treasure Cove (

Our Curriculum » We are so excited about the new curriculum used in our children’s ministry from Lifeway, The Gospel Project. Visit the website for more information: (external link). There are resources available to see what your child is learning. Check it out!

Your Next Step » Pre-register your child(ren) today!