Chili Dinner + Concert with the Itzels » 10.27.19

Do you have a delicious homemade chili you want to share? Maybe it’s one that has been passed down through the generations. Or maybe it’s something new you’ve created on your own!

Either way, here is your chance to share your awesome food! On Sunday, October 27 at 5 PM, we will be having a chili dinner here at Mount Airy Bible Church, which will be followed by a concert with the Itzel’s. This will be a great night for people of all ages.

Optional: If you’re interested in being part of a chili cook-off competition, we’re including a separate grouping for those entries. We’ve got some hot prizes coming your way if you win this competition! (But, again, it is optional; we’d love to see you bring some chili even if you don’t want to be part of the competition!)

The dinner is free, and a love offering will be received for the Itzel’s ministry.

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New Members Class: Discover MABC

Discover MABC Class
Saturday, September 28, 8 AM

If you want to become a member of Mount Airy Bible Church, or simply just want to know more about what we believe and do, attend this informative class, Saturday, September 28, 8 AM–12 PM. Signup below by Sunday, September 22.

Membership & Baptism Meeting
Sunday, September 29, 10 AM

All who have attended the Discover MABC class and desire to become members at MABC should attend a Membership Meeting during the Sunday School hour. This same meeting is also for anyone who wants to be baptized.

Baptism Service
Sunday, October 20, 10 AM

This is for anyone who has already attended the baptism meeting on September 29 or individually with an elder.

New Members Services
Sunday, October 27, 8:30 or 11 AM

All those who have met the requirements for membership are introduced to the congregation and welcomed into the flock as members. New members should plan to attend either the 8:30 or 11:00 AM service. Introductions happen at the end of the services.

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Women’s Bible Study » Fall 2019

“Learn to recognize His voice above all others.”

Join us if you want to:

  • Challenge yourself in the discipline of daily Bible study
  • Gain practical advice for knowing and understanding God’s voice through His word
  • Learn to recognize the Holy Spirit’s character, language, and ton of voice
  • Experience a deeper relationship with God, and strengthen your daily walk with Him


This 7-week class is offered at two times.

Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM
starting September 18, 2019

Thursdays @ 8:30 AM
starting September 19, 2019

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Adult Christian Education » FALL 2019 Classes

Classes start Sunday, September 8, and continue through November 2019.

All About the New Testament

The class will deal with background, composition, and theology of the New Testament. Time will be devoted to some of the manners and customs within the 1st century of Israel and the broader Roman Empire.

Ethics — A Life Application Study

Man’s ways? Or God’s ways? Do we serve a personal God who is interested in our wellbeing? Of course! Do we listen and pay attention to His lessons in our daily walk with Him? Are our daily ethics always absolute? Or does the “situation” sometimes rightfully affect how we respond? Did we establish this ethic? Or is it rightfully supported by scripture? What have we learned from those lessons? Do we miss out on His marvelous lessons simply because we are too busy to pay attention? Or worse, because we thought we “did it on our own.” Join us as we explore these questions.

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

(continued from Spring 2019)

This is a continuation of the Spring 2019 “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” class in which we looked at 1) Does Truth Exist? 2) Does God Exist? and 3) Are Miracles Possible?
In part 2 this fall, we will look at 4) Is the New Testament Reliable and conclude with 5) Did Jesus prove He is the Son of God by rising from the dead? In addition, we will cover topics like how we got the Bible, and discuss how to answer objections to Christianity like 1) Is Jesus a copycat? 2) Are there missing gospels and others. You can take part 2 without having taken part 1 of this class.

Intentional: Putting Ideas to Action on our Journey with Jesus [Women’s Class]

Come and be encouraged this fall as we look at how to do what is really important in our lives. We will focus on how to implement an effective Bible study and prayer time as well as create a daily habit of praise and godly thinking. From there, we will explore how to be intentional in evangelism and in the relationships the Lord has given to us. Single, married, young, old — it doesn’t matter. Women, this class is just for you, and we’re going to have a great time! 

Lessons from Proverbs

Although the book of Proverbs has only 31 chapters, those chapters include over 800 proverbs. This study will not be a verse by verse study. Instead, we will select specific proverbs and connect them to other scripture to find the correct application for our personal use and application. Much of this study will be discussion-based.

Consumed (Ages 18-29)

Young Marrieds