Adult Christian Education (ACE) – Spring Quarter

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Genesis: Creation Forum — Part 2
We serve a loving, omniscient, omnipotent God! The better we can grasp that fact, the stronger our faith can be. Our loving, omniscient, omnipotent God created the entire universe including us! In this class, we have been exploring questions like: What do the Scriptures say? And, What sciences support these Scriptures? In Part 2 we will continue to look at the sciences and the Scriptures but will dig deeper into some of the more complex sciences in a way that can be easily grasped by everyone.

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther
Do you ever feel distant from God, or wonder how the present mess you find or even put yourself in can turn around? Do you long for restoration, the sense of God’s presence, and knowing your place in God’s plan? In these final books of Old Testament history, we will see how God sovereignly works through the lives of pagan kings, devoted leaders, and faithful laymen to restore His people to Himself for His glory. Woven through the intriguing stories of a few successful leaders we’ll also find the substantive role of the average Joe faithfully and boldly using his skills to further God’s work while in the midst of adversity. God is sovereign, He has a plan, and you have a part.

Acts — Part 2: Chapters 9–28
A pivotal point in the Book of Acts is when Saul of Tarsus meets Jesus on the road to Damascus and is converted. Philip, Peter and John’s ministry to the Samaritans as well as Peter’s vision at Joppa made it clear that they needed to take the gospel to the Gentiles and confirms that the Holy Spirit is leading them to broaden the mission field. We will discuss Paul’s conversion, Peter’s vision confirming the offer of salvation to the Gentiles, The Antioch Church, Paul’s missionary journeys, his return to Jerusalem, and his voyage to Rome.

If someone on the street were to come up to you and ask “what is the gospel?” how would you reply? Is the gospel just information for non-Christians and new believers? Is it just the ABC’s of the Christian faith? During our time this spring, we’re going to look at these questions and more — discovering what Paul has to say about living out the true gospel in our everyday lives. Join us for this in-depth look at the book of Galatians.

2nd Peter & Jude
Join us for an in-depth, verse by verse study of two great New Testament books of the Bible — 2nd Peter and Jude. This class is an interactive study with personal application for our lives today as we strive to live our lives in a way that brings our Lord the glory He deserves.

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Going Beyond Simulcast with Priscilla Shirer » 4.25.20

Going Beyond Live with Priscilla Shirer is an intimate and inspiring women’s conference like no other. Priscilla’s ministry to women across the country and around the world is focused on the expository teaching of the Word of God. Her desire is to see women come to a full understanding of who they are in Christ by hearing the uncompromising truth of Scripture.

About Priscilla Shirer
Priscilla Shirer is a wife and mom first, but put a Bible in her hand and a message in her heart, and you’ll see why thousands meet God in powerful, personal ways at her live events. With a Master’s Degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, Priscilla brings the depths of Scripture to life. She is the author of best-selling Bible studies, including Discerning the Voice of GodThe Armor of GodGideon, and Jonah, as well as the author of many books, including Fervent and the New York Times bestseller The Resolution for Women. She and her husband, Jerry, lead Going Beyond Ministries. They count it as their greatest privilege to serve every denomination and culture of the church

The simulcast runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
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Bring a Bible, pen, and paper.

Men’s Retreat 2020 » CANCELLED!

MARCH 12, 2020 UPDATE: Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to cancel this year’s retreat. More information will be emailed out to each email address used in registration.

Discipline is an ugly word.

There’s nothing glorious about hard work, pain, sweat, and tears, but it’s what God calls each of us to do.

Jesus said, “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24, NKJV).

This is hard and ugly work, but God calls us to do it. And as a church, we’re serious about being “all in” for godly growth through discipleship. We’re passionate that every man have a relentless pursuit of God and Christian living.

Why? Because knowing Christ is worth every ounce of effort and every drop of sweat.

HE is worth it all.

If you’re willing to join us on this adventure of a lifetime, come join us our annual Men’s Retreat, March 13-14, 2020. Be challenged on the themes of devotionsprayerpuritywitnessing, and more.

Let’s do battle together with the lies that Satan wants us to believe. Let’s fight onward together in the quest for Christ because He calls us to give up everything, and indeed — He is worth it all.

Are you up for the challenge?


Tickets will be on sale until Sunday, February 9, 2020.