Men with a Mission


As the church continues to advance through the generations, The Great Commission is falling into great disarray. Discipleship has almost become obsolete. Leadership is dwindling, and most churches are trying to repair this lack of leadership in the wrong way.Dr. H. Wallace Webster, senior pastor of Mount Airy Bible Church, has written Christ Will Build His Church. This book is a call for us to return to the basics of what Jesus was commanding His disciples to do through The Great Commission. Christ Will Build His Church gets back to the basics, takes the principles clearly outlined in Scripture, and argues that they are still valid today.

Christ Will Build His Church lays the foundation for Men With a Mission, a proven three-year program that will develop the men of the church into the leaders God calls them to be.

Click on the links below to preview the sample materials:

Men With a Mission: Sample Slides

Men With a Mission: Sample Student Materials

Men With a Mission: Sample Teacher Materials

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