A Shot in the Mind

  A Shot in the Mind is a monthly class that teaches Christians how to defend their faith. All… [more]

A Shot in the Mind A Shot in the Mind

Family Dedication

Family dedication is Sunday, May 11, for those interested in dedicating their family or newborn. This… [more]

Family Dedication Family Dedication

Membership Sunday

We look forward to welcoming new members Sunday, May 25. If you would like to become a member of MABC… [more]

Membership Sunday Membership Sunday

Baptism Service

If you would like to be baptized Sunday, May 18, 10 AM, be sure to attend the baptism meeting Sunday,… [more]

Baptism Service Baptism Service

Men’s Breakfast

All men are invited Saturday, May 3, 8 AM to join us for breakfast in the cafeteria. Email the church… [more]

Men’s Breakfast Men's Breakfast

Discovering MABC

To learn more about MABC or become a member, attend this informative class Saturday, April 26, 8 AM.… [more]

Discovering MABC Discovering MABC